Happy 2nd birthday franksemails.com!!!

Yep, franksemails.com is 2 years old to this day!

What am i gonna do to celebrate this time around? Oh, i think i'll get married!

Sorry ladies, but as of today, i'll no longer be available.

As a result of this, i'm gonna dissapear for a honeymoon for a couple of weeks, so there'll be no updates until then - as my new wife will not allow me to take my laptop and 3g network card with me... dunno why really...

Still, please do keep sending in your emails, as i'm sure i'll have fun putting them up (along with my current backlog) when i get back. Also, you might wanna give this a go - http://www.quirk.biz/searchstatus/ - it's a great tool which lets you check the Alexa and Google PageRank of a website, and has some other useful web related stuff (mostly useful for web people like me). It'll help this site too, as the more people who have it installed and check out my site, the lower my alexa ranking becomes - and that attracts more advert money. Maybe eventually i'll break even :)

One last thing - it's probably about time i updated my links section, which i'll do some time soon. I've sorta developed a new hobby - and that's reading about US and Middle Eastern politics. It's very interesting stuff to say the least, and I never get bored reading about it. Here's the sites that i currently regularly visit -


Best of wishes and i'll continue to update when i get back from my honeymoon!



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