Happy 1st birthday franksemails.com!!!

Yes, it's been a year since I first registered franksemails.com on teh intarweb and boy it's been fun so far. From its very humble beginnings where it was a very simple html page to what it is today. Here's a couple of pictures of the front page so that you can compare the difference -

franksemails.com, 1 year ago:

(Click to enlarge)

franksemails.com, today:

(Click to enlarge)

My my how much it's changed. What am I gonna do to celebrate? Not much, perhaps a couple of drinks are in order... What can you do? Rate me here first of all: (HumorLinks vote link). Probably doesn't mean much, but I guess it might give the site some exposure. You could also tell all your friends how awesome franksemails.com is (it seriously is awesome - just ask me). Make sure you remind them every day.

One thing that is missing at the moment is those annoying banner ads. I dream of the day that my site could look like this:

franksemails.com - with 'noice' ads...

(Click to enlarge)

With the money I receive from these adverts, I could retire, live in the Bahamas and have scantily clad women serving up rim jobs to me on an hourly basis.

But no, I won't disgrace this site with massive banner ads and pop ups/pop unders - it'll just make it look shite and you probably wouldn't wanna open it at work with the pr0n adverts. On the other hand, franksemails.com is costing me money - so I'll have to be realistic, the only way this site can survive is through advertisments, this means that franksemails.com will feature text advertisments - I'll start doing this within the next week or two. They won't be in the way or change much of the awesome look and feel of this site, so don't worry about that.

Anyway, thanks for enjoying the content on my site and thanks for sending me stuff. Keep sending your amusing stuff in, email your friends links to stuff on this site and tell everyone you know about it.



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