You have to agree - my website is totally awesome. Nothing could possibly come to being as close to as awesome as, right?
Wrong! This comes close:


That's right - complete with 3 screens, a chair that swings back so you can take a nap, and a bar fridge.

Wow, I gotta admit, these screens are pretty awesome - 2xLG 17" LCD puppies that do 1280x1024 and a 24" Dell LCD that does 1920x1200. Working with them takes up almost all of your field of vision and makes you dizzy just looking at them.

How the hell do I get away with having my own fridge at work?! And no, it's not one of those pussy peltier effect fridges that can only hold 6 cans and that you can easily smuggle in through reception and hide, this puppy's a 60 litre and uses a compressor - and I carried it in through the front door.

I'm not lazy, I'm "efficient"

Yes, yes it is.

Don't you wish you had a work-desk like mine?

Thanks goes to AJ for some of the photography.

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