Can you figure out all 72 bands?

Thanks goes to Chris for sending me this pic - because of you, today's been a very (un)productive day :)

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Scroll down for the ones that have been found...

The ones I found to start with:
alice in chains (on the right next to the fruit stand)
matchbox 20 (matchboxes in the foreground arranged in the shape of "20"
led zepplin (in the sky on the left)
guns and roses (on the left on the wheelbarrow)
the eagles (eagles flying on the right)
scissor sisters (2 scissors)
radiohead (guy with a radio for a head on the zebra crossing)
blues brothers (walking down the street)
u2 (2 u's drawn on the building)
smashing pumpkins (guy with sledgehammer smashing pumpkins in the foreground)

Thanks to Anna, Lou, Sheeds, Youngie, Billy, Woz and Jon for helping me get this list together:

Hole - Hole in street
The Cars - driving down the street
Jewel - Near vegies on ground necklace
Green Day - on calendar
Red Hot Chili Peppers - vegies on stand
Deep Purple - Purple building under king kong
Bee Gees - "BGG" grafitti on wall near U2
Dinosaur Junior - Little dino near flowers
Prince - red dude next to the queen
Cowboy Junkies - Cowboy near the lamp post
the pixies - flying around above the zombie on the left hand side
gorillaz - obvious
whitesnake - crawling up the scaffolding near the shop sign
b52's - 2 B52 bombers flying in the sky
rolling stones - giant stones rolling in front of the blue building
beach boys - dudes with the surfboards near the main street sign
white zombie - on the left just above the guns n roses
the dead kennedys - posters of Robert and JFK on the left near the zombie
seal - (the performing seal) poster above the zombie's head
nine inch nails - above and to the left of matchbox 20
blur - the guy near alice is all blurry
sex pistols - the queen is holding them
queen - right up front
iron maiden - standing behind radiohead
50 cent - the giant 1/2 dollar behind the queen
the eels - between the queen and the prince.
eminem - above 9" nails
garbage - the tipped over rubbish bin behind the dude with the sledgehammer
the police - near the red car
blind melon - watermelon with the sunnies
the doors - behind the 2 lesbians
cypress hill - Mountain next to king kong
Madonna - the poster in the shop window of the woman and child
Blondie. - the girl with bubble gum
Lemonheads - on the fruit and vegie stand
Tree - Tree on the hill
The White Stripes - the zebra crossing.
Kiss - 2 chicks kissing at the lamp post
The Black Crows - on the main st sign
Spoon - the big spoon on the right
The Presidents of the USA - poster of 2 presidents:
Crowded House - house on the right is very crowded:
The angels - angels next to the shop:

Need descriptions on where they are:

Talking Heads
Black Flag
The Boomtown Rats
The Cranberries
The Carpenters
The Cardinals

Not 100% sure:
Heuy lewis and the news? - the news on the tv?
choirboys ? - behind the blues bros
Twisted Sister - two contortionists or is it euyrythmics? i'd say twisted sister :)
Hothouse FLowers ?
Cornershop (?)
Men at Work - holding the sledgehammer??
The Small Faces???? / Lemonheads
Real Big Fish (?)
Jewel (?)
The Proclaimers / The Cult ( ?? The bunch of dudes in white )

Thanks to Lou for this one - it's the same pic but with the answers on it (click on it to make it bigger):

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