Hoff Look-a-like

Or at least a wanna-be-like... here's the text in the email as i received it -

I think he should marry a look-a-like Pamela Anderson - that would up his stakes a bit! Lol - idiot!

Subject: Fw: Read text below first. . .this is a real email sent to an ad agency CLASSIC a wannabee "HOFF" - LOL

This was sent to an ad agency. Apparently it's real.

Dear "Stakeholdergroup",

After having my eyes lasered a month ago I've been mobbed by people in Belfast asking to have their photographs taken with me because I look like David Hasselhoff and I reckon that I could use this unusual talent for PR events.

I live in East Belfast, so its pretty easy for me to turn up to local events.

My telephone number is 07866 411 144.

I have a degree in Business Studies too that specialised in Marketing, so I might be able to help you in other ways.

Please tell me your thoughts.

Many thanks,

Magnus Ramsay

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