Bugatti Veyron 16.4

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Model Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Engine 7993cc, 16 cylinders in a W

Power 1001bhp @ 6000rpm (746KW)

Torque 922 lb ft @ 2200rpm (1250Nm)

Transmission 7-speed DSG, manual and auto

Fuel 11.7mpg (combined) (assuming we're using the stupid UK mpg as opposed to stupid US mpg - 24.1 litres per 100km)

CO2 574g/km

Acceleration 0-62mph (0-100km/h): 2.5sec

Top speed 253mph (400km/h)

Price 810,345 pounds (approx AU$1,800,000)

"When you push a car past 180mph, the world starts to get awfully fizzy and a little bit frightening. When you go past 200mph it actually becomes blurred. Almost like you're trapped in an early Queen pop video. At this sort of speed the tyres and the suspension are reacting to events that happened some time ago, and they have not finished reacting before they're being asked to do something else. The result is a terrifying vibration that rattles your optical nerves, causing double vision. This is not good when you're covering 300ft a second. Happily, stopping distances become irrelevant because you won't see the obstacle in the first place. By the time you know it was there, you'll have gone through the windscreen, through the Pearly Gates and be half way across God's breakfast table." - Jeremy Clarkson

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Got this info from my mate Steve, who thinks his XR6 Turbo is the best thing ever...
You should also put this on the page for a bit of perspective on the worlds supercars:
I read somewhere in a magazine - I think EVO - whereby if a McLaren F1 went past a stationary Veyron at 100mph and the Veyron driver gave it the gun as the F1 passed, the Bugatti would still reach 200mph before the McLaren would. That's some serious farken power - on par with my XR6T....LOL"

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