Referral spammers, read this!

I love my statistics page :) If you've visited it lately you would have noticed that it contains a lot of links to porn sites.

A little bit of digging (I'm still fairly new to this web page game) helped me discover that I've fallen victim to a type of spam called "referrer spam" (check out

Personally, I can't be bothered filtering out the culprits with my .htaccess file or with any other methods, so unfortunately, the referrers section on the stats page is now gone.

If you wanna blame someone, blame and all the other pricks that hit my site just for the free advertising. It's pretty obvious to see who they are in the list, here's a screen grab I took the other day -

(click and then magnify it to see the full list)

I dunno, maybe it's kinda flattering in a way that the scum of the internet would come to my website to litter their bullshit... nah, maybe not...

One way to know that I've for certain been spammed by a site is to visit the site and check if there is a link there to anything on my site. If not, then you know there couldn't possibly have been a legitimate referral because no link was there anyway. A quick and easy example is a dude who thinks he can get a job by spamming my site 290 times. must have figured that is a job search website? Hmmm, I guess your 2 years professional experience isn't helping you here... You see, you need to actually provide the link, as I just did, to make it a legitimate referral - hope you enjoy my link back to you!

Perhaps a DOS attack may be in order for sites like aprilsporn? I know I was affected by that crap when spammers like them were smacking my site a million times a second. Assholes.

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