is tasteless!!!

Got a rather disturbing email a couple of weeks ago from a friend...

The first thing that crossed my mind was that my web server was down some time that morning (it's happened a few times)...

...but it was working fine when i checked it

Oh dear...

That's right, the attachement says "blockpage.htm" - i couldn't view the content because it was pointing to a local page in Catherine's company intranet, but the code had the word 'websense' in it, which is one of those 'net-nanny' web filter programs for large companies. Who'd wanna block little old me?!

Perhaps she could give one of my other sites a try - hopefully they haven't blocked my whole webserver. Wouldn't wanna have anyone denied access to one of my other informative sites like
Really bad joke?! No, Valentines day is a really bad joke - Beer, beef and blowjob day is a real day!

And here's the confirmation of my fears...

Catherine, Karen and Tim (all from the same company) have since been going around the office collecting signatures to protest against their fascist IT department. If it were me, i'd strike.

Of all the humor related sites on the intarweb, has to be one of the safest - it has no fancy html, loads no cookies, there's no banner ads full of pr0n (or any banner ads for that matter) or any spyware - if you want that sorta stuff, visit or

If this happens to you, complain to your I.T. department. Tell them that may well be somewhat tasteless, but it's also awesome - and awesome always cancels out tasteless.

Websense - blocking since 2006

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